The Personal Environmental Stress Test

The first Real Report - The Personal Environmental Stress Test describes a simple technique you can use to see if you are being damaged, right now, by one or more, harmful, environmental stresses - subtle energies that:
  • Cause illness
  • Trigger apathy or resistance against pursuing possible solutions
  • Underlie symptoms that don't appear to have any organic origin
  • Cause problems to keep reappearing after they've been resolved
  • Prevent a complete response to therapy
  • Cause symptoms to change or shift around your body
  • Block a full recovery
  • Cause hypersensitive reactions to foods, jewelry, medicines, clothes, places, people, electromagnetic equipment, colors, etc..
Vulnerability to environmental stress is extremely variable from one person to the next. This is why only checking out the environment - without taking your energy into account - is not an accurate approach.

In other words, a home environment that’s fine for your
may not be at all fine for you .
With the help of the PEST, you can discover harmful environmental stresses in your home or work environments that, often, can be eliminated immediately.

The sooner you
clear your living and working spaces of these invisible but powerful signals, the sooner your body can start recovering from their harmful effects.

Even though the PEST is a “DIY” test, it will identify environmental stresses that are undetectable by any other means, including sophisticated electronic instruments and complex analytical techniques.

This is because the
PEST fine-tunes, then amplifies, your own body’s innate sensitivity to energies that are damaging you and your life.

PEST helps you become aware of the presence of energies that your body “knew,” or could feel , were there all along - but at a sub-conscious level.

Often, we feel things, but we lack the
concepts to explain what we are feeling. With the PEST, you can start to understand and do something about the areas of your home that don't feel "right."

Many of the environmental stresses detected with the help of the
Personal Environmental Stress Test can be resolved with techniques included in Hidden Secrets of Real Health .

Otherwise the
PEST, itself, describes additional ways you can upgrade the energy of your own home or office.

For really difficult cases, you can also refer to the service described at the back of
Hidden Secrets of Real Health - this is “Home Help”, a FULLY-GUARANTEED, low-cost way of clearing resistant environmental stresses.

The average home contains multiple harmful environmental stresses. It’s NEVER too soon - or too late - to find out what’s damaging YOUR vital energies, and what to do about it

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