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some brief case histories

Blowing in the Wind - extracted from our ebook, Hidden Secrets of Real Health - is a case of mistaken feng shui . . .
Blowing in the Wind . .

Susan, an accountant in her late ‘30s, had been experiencing various digestive problems, nausea and fatigue. Some mornings, she was so tired she could hardly open her eyes - although she got plenty of sleep and her lifestyle hadn’t changed significantly in any way.

She had been to several other practitioners, in addition to the 
(conventional) drug  doctors - but her symptoms persisted and so she had come to our clinic in the hope of some relief.

After doing a full energy scan on her we found a strong environmental stress present in her upper abdomen. I decided to have a look at her apartment to see if its source was there. At the apartment, I soon found the same environmental stress in the lounge, where it was entering through a window at the far end.

The source was also easy to find - some metal wind chimes hanging outside the window. The signal from the chimes strongly attacked the abdomen of anyone in the room - and it turned out that Susan had been accumulating this stress in her abdomen for some time.

Six months earlier, she had asked a feng shui consultant to examine her apartment - the chimes were one of her recommendations. . .

feng shui consultant had told Susan that hanging metal wind chimes outside the north window would enhance her career - which was true. They did increase Susan’s work energy - and she was making progress in her profession.

However, several weeks later, having forgotten all about the wind chimes, Susan began experiencing the symptoms that caused her to suffer disabling and worrying symptoms, as well to spend time and money trying to sort them out - the unwanted and unknown, on the part of her feng shui consultant, side effects of the feng shui remedy of wind chimes. Before leaving, I found several other environmental stresses of various kinds - not all to do with health. Two of them also resulted from recommendations made by the feng shui consultant . . .

Having removed the wind chimes, Susan’s symptoms of almost half a year - and several clinical treatments - ceased completely within a few days.

Here's a simple Energy Solutions that only needed one homeopathic remedy - but in a form that isn't used by most English-speaking homeopaths . . .
A Painful Shoulder

When our friend Jo came to see us for a few days vacation, she had an arthritic shoulder that hurt so much, she was constantly taking painkillers. She'd had an operation to put it right, taken the drugs, been to the physiotherapist, "I can't help you," he said, "You'll just have to keep taking the painkillers." Jo had also tried "alternative" therapies but, so far, without result.

Jo had a "difficult" marriage. Things hadn't been going well for a long time. She wanted to leave but was riddled with guilt and afraid of what might happen to her or her husband if she "rocked the boat."

When we looked at her shoulder, the lesion where it hurt had a filament running back along her shoulder to the center of her forehead - her 6th chakra - where the problem originated. There was also a feeder filament extending up to Jo's crown (chakra).

Everyone's body knows what it needs. By this, we mean there are channels of energy emanating from your body that lead towards solutions to all your problems (of all kinds), which if you learn how to follow them will lead you to the solutions you need.

An energy channel from the lesion in Jo's shoulder led upstairs to our office, so that made life easy. I followed it to a homeopathic materia medica (remedy reference book) on my bookshelf where it joined to the signature (informational energy field) of rhus toxicodendron. In Jo's case, this was a sub-lingual saline solution form of rhus tox - not the usual alcohol-based remedy. She needed this because of the complicating feeder filament to her crown. The saline solution offered better - though not complete - penetration of the lesion than the alcohol drops or sugar pills forms of the homeopathic would have done.  Only seeing the details of her energetic lesion allowed me to see the particular "form" of remedy she needed.

Jo started taking the rhus tox and, when we enquired how she was, a few days later, she emailed to say, "I am MUCH BETTER." In fact, it turned out that she was considering joining the tennis club again . . .

However, because of the continuing stress on Jo's 6th chakra, due to her marriage, it was clear that the sub-lingual rhus tox would not completely seal the arthritis lesion. She would have to keep taking the medciation. However, we later came across a topical, homeopathic immune system stimulator that looked like it might be able to seal the lesion.

Time will tell

This is another "feng shui" case from Hidden Secrets of Real Health - but one that has nothing to do with health(!). It illustrates how neighbors can affect one another without either of them knowing what's going on . . .

A Future Impact

Last year, a builder started constructing a new house on a piece of land across the road from the mother of our friend, Mike. When we dropped by her house we noticed that the driveway of the new property ended directly opposite the place where Mike’s mum, Penny - who is a little forgetful - parked her car. 

Because of the siting of the new building on the plot, a lot of its energy was running down and out of its driveway. This energy, some of which included a security stress, was flowing across the road and accumulating in Penny’s car. Unfortunately, the car "contained" the stress quite efficiently, (energies have to be contained in things, just like water has to be contained in a cup) so every minute it was parked there it was becoming increasingly charged with this harmful energy.
We mentioned this to Mike and showed him how, when he got in the car, his own security energy was weakened by the stress - as was anyone’s who sat in the car. We already knew this particular car hadn’t had this effect before because, a year earlier, we’d helped Penny find a positive car - i.e. one that passed all the tests as being good for her energy.

We suggested to Mike that Penny should park the car a little way down the street. Then the accumulated stress from the driveway would begin drain out of it.

A few weeks later we got a phone call. Penny had been in a road accident, fortunately, nothing too serious. A week at the bodywork shop would sort out the damage. When I saw Penny, I asked her whether she had parked the car further down the road.  “Mike didn’t tell me to do that,” she said.  “Yes I did,” he responded. 

We said goodbye as the volume rapidly increased . . .

This story illustrates how the smallest of decisions (e.g. exactly where you park) can, potentially, cause huge changes in your future. 

Fortunately, it turned out that Penny had quite often remembered to park further down the road - sometimes she did, sometimes she didn’t. If her car had remained in its usual parking space all the time, its accumulated security stress would have been much stronger - which would have generated something much more serious than just a “fender bender.”

The purpose of
Energy Solutions is to improve the functioning and balance of your body's energies and to eliminate harmful foreign energies, received in the past, but still contributing to your current problems and symptoms. It is a wholistic approach to addressing the energetic imbalances in your body that are connected with your symptoms. Symptoms are just tips of "icebergs" of foreign energies that usually started growing years before they're noticed. However, accurate identification of the primary lesion underlying a problem - and its solution - can often lead to experienced improvements in a matter of days. Many clients report to us feeling noticeably better shortly after starting their Energy Solutions program.

Unlike drug-based medicine, we offer a full, money-back guarantee with your Energy Solutions.  If you have seriously put our recommendations into practice and are feeling no benefit, and we haven't been able to suggest adjustments to your program, we will happily refund your fee.