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problems is our lack
of our

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Kind words from clients:

"I'm really happy with my
progress. I'm so happy I don't
have to take the
from the doctor . . . I feel a lot more
energetic, I've lost
weight, I've changed
completely! .
. . My mind isn't
so stressed. All my symptoms
drying up. I get the
occasional hot sweat, but it's
nearly so bad and getting
better. . . my relationships
changing - with my son, my
husband, my family. I'm so
much happier within myself."


"I'm feeling great! My energy
levels are phenomenal, no
fatigue, bladder is much better,
prostate is much better, I feel
like I'm 50 years old again. My
snow blower engine broke
down the other day, so I've
been pulling it by hand - and
it's big!"

Arni M, USA


". . . thank you again for all
your help. I can't ever
remember having such
strong,positive energy! . . . last
night I went to a party and met
a really lovely man . . . I
haven't had the energy to
go to a party for years! It's amazing
how good I'm feeling - and I'm
really looking forward to doing
the training with you to find out

". . . 20 yrs is too long to live
like a zombie. I’m so much
better - I cannot believe it in
this short space of time! I have
no more asthma. I feel so well
and my energy level is
fantastic - just like when I was
20 years old! I don’t get
anymore hot flushes. You are
the best “doctor” I have had
. . . "
Margaret T (73), Wales


"Using your techniques, I was
healed of severe, chronic back,
joint and muscle pain.

Prior to taking your advice, I
had spent considerable time
and money with many medical
professionals  including
doctors, chiropractors,
osteopaths, acupuncturists,
etc., but to little avail. Within
four weeks of commencing
your treatment, I achieved a
stable state of health and no
longer required the services of
any medical
or health practitioners.

Rob T, Australia


"It's so good to be able to do
things without feeling totally
Your work is so far
in advance of anything else . . .
You have given me back my

Val W, UK


"This is stupendous therapy! I
am feeling better than I have
for seven years. It happened so
quickly! . . .
My energy is
incomparably better.
I can't tell
you how happy I am.

Maria P, UK


". . . tingly fingers, lower back
pain, neck pain, congestion in
ears, tightness in throat,
chronic fatigue, low mood,
liver pain - all are either gone
or much less - my energy is



"All of the below are better:

  • Energy levels
  • Sinuses
  • Brain power
  • Hair loss now normal
  • Happier!"
                     Wendy J, NZ


"I had an energy consultation
with Stephen and Lynda
several years ago, which
helped me a great deal - I feel
like a different person several
times over since when I last
saw them!"

Luke J. UK


"I just want to thank you . . . so
very very much for what you
do. Since last night I've gone
from excruciating pain to
almost no pain at all. Most
people would have been in
hospital. Please know what a
difference you make to people
and especially to me . . . to
have people like you . . . to
help and support me is just so
precious . . . It's not just the
work you do, it's the way
you work in such a non-judgmental,
patient, caring way. I just want
you to know what a profound
difference you make to my

Ilanit T, Australia


"Two days after seeing you
and within a day of starting
the remedy, I felt the spark
that is me returning - I
thought I'd never feel this
way again. Now I'm back to
my old self"
Maggie B., UK


[After a diagnosis of a lifetime
of IBS]
"I'm feeling much
better - it's made such a big
difference! What you gave me
has really gone to what was
happening to me. My
stomach feels normal - I've
almost forgotten I was so sick.
I'm so grateful to you. It's real

C.B., UK



Real Health logo  

Life Energy Solutions is the unique body energy consultation originally developed in the early 1980's at the Allergy Clinic in the UK by Stephen Kane - called the 'Energy Doctor' by many of his clients. Since then, Life Energy Solutions sessions have been given all over the world by Stephen and Lynda Kane. You can read more about them and their work here:

The Living With Energy Awareness Training

life Energy Solutions
 the unique on-line, phone, skype, or face-to-face life energy reading

You may have heard of tai chi, reiki, qi gong or aikido - 'qi' or 'chi' means 'life energy.' And every area of life has its own underlying form of qi. Whatever is going on in your life reflects what is going on with your body energy. This is why we find, time and time again, if you change your energy effectively, your life changes for the better.

"After 10-11 months on your . . . treatment my life has changed so much. After a lifetime of being cold and never being able to wake up in the morning, I wake after 7-8 hours sleep - without an alarm - every morning. For me this is an absolute MIRACLE! I'm not cold all the time any more, my hair has stopped falling out and skin no longer flakes off. I can think clearly and am not fighting the urge to nap by mid-afternoon. I'm delighted by the loss of 35 pounds too! . . . Thank you. You guys totally rock!" Julia N., UK

A Life Energy Solutions consultation provides you with a completely personalized program of ways to unblock or increase the forms of qi - health qi, work qi, partnership qi, etc. - that are lacking in your health or your life and preventing optimum functioning. It may include suggestions from any "discipline" or method - if there is something in that approach that will address the blocked qi underlying your problem or issue. 

Any effective remedy always seals some part of your body's energy. If this doesn't happen, the remedy, be it a homeopathic, a drug, an exercise, a vitamin etc., will not be a complete solution to the problem. Rather than starting from the perspective of a certain kind of treatment, we start with your unique energy and go from there . . .

Many practitioners focus on just one healing modality, which is great - if your energy happens to respond to it. But often, a problem needs responses from several healing modalities. A Life Energy Solutions consultation will match your problems to many different therapeutic approaches and narrow down the most effective for your issues or symptoms.

o, If you're feeling stuck . . .

Or simply tired of . . .
  • Struggling to be free of a health problem
  • the same relationship problem repeating
  • . . . of the niggling or more serious kind
  • . . . or not having one at all
  • Or not sure about a supplement or recommended treatment
  • Feeling tired all the time

Sometimes you just wish there was someone who could say, "Yes, that's a good match for you and your energy." At such times, we can help with a Life Energy Solutions. It's a truly personal consultation, based on a complete analysis of your unique energy profile, that gives you a plan for increasing the forms of qi you wish to increase.

  • Health qi
  • Wealth qi
  • Security/Respect qi
  • Partnership qi
  • Creativity qi
  • Helpful People qi
  • Work qi
  • Learning qi

We have been researching and documenting human energy systems and the most effective ways of influencing them, for a combined total of over 70 years. And have developed a detailed and holistic approach to analyzing the energetic imbalances in your body that are connected with your symptoms or other challenges you may be experiencing.

from an 'electrosensitive' -

"I am happy to report my brain now works well enough to read again! It's really good to be able to remember what I have just read and retain the information - I couldn't for a long while ..."  Jane S, UK

Sometimes, depending on the nature and "age" of an issue, this can be a quick and easy process. Other issues are more entrenched and require a more persistent approach. Any effective response to a problem has to seal your body energy where there is a 'hole' or lesion underlying the problem. If your current approach to an issue isn't giving you positive results, your energy isn't being sealed.

By focusing directly on lesions or blocks in the energy body, a Life Energy Solutions often achieves results where other approaches fail.

"I just wanted to let you know how well I am doing. I feel like a completely different person . . . I now have all my energy back, I no longer have the fatigue - the shaky feeling in my body that was my constant companion has gone and I feel happy and positive ... I can't thank you enough. You guys really know your stuff!" Erica L, NZ

A Life Energy Solutions offers you a number of unique benefits: 

   A complete, in-depth, look at your energy body   
   Not filtered through the theories of any one method or discipline
   Energy-aware matching - we make recommendations1 that match your energy and your issues
   Personally-tailored recommendations from our huge database of potential solutions1
   Optional, regular, energy-cultivation work so your energy body becomes stronger and stronger

You really can . . .

Change Your Energy To Change Your Life

"You've done an awful lot for me. I'm so delighted with what I've had so far - a very sincere and big thank you. I'm used to not getting help from anyone. I'm not used to getting results, let alone such extraordinary ones as those I've received from you." Michael C, Ireland

Life Energy Solutions
offers you a "second-opinion" (if you've already had a first one) from a different perspective - answering the thousand dollar question, "Is this (treatment, supplement, exercise, training, teacher, job, partner, house, etc.) actually good for my energy and my problem?" 

You might, for example, be astonished by the literally thousands of people we have seen over the years, taking supplements that, in spite of all the claims, are causing their energy to become weaker as they wonder why they still feel unwell . . .

And if you haven't had a "first-opinion", you'll find it a uniquely innovative response, suggesting solutions to issues that you, most likely, will not have considered but may find surprisingly effective.

See some examples here.

Life Energy Solutions
is unique because it is based on whole energy body awareness - seeing all of you as an integrated whole rather than as discrete parts. This means that a symptom you may be experiencing in your eyes might, for example, require a solution for your bladder. Everything is joined up. B
y simultaneously examining your whole energy profile, we routinely arrive at solutions that can't be achieved through more analytical approaches.

From a case of extreme electromagnetic field (EMF) hypersensitivity, chronic fatigue, food allergies and other symptoms, including severe reactive swelling, for over twenty years . . .

"The diet guidelines have really done well for me. They are what have given me back so much energy. Most of the most noticeable symptoms I had have all but disappeared, I seem to walk normally, my posture is good, speech and reading ability have so greatly improved . . .
With my energy more stable, this was the first time today in . . . years that I could do the more complicated work I do . . . the organizational skills and information processing that I need to do my work have tended to be so weak in the past few years. They seem to just be coming back online . . . It is hard to believe so much positive has occurred in just over a month now. It is uncanny how well your ideas work for me." Gary M, USA


How do I request a Life Energy Solutions Consultation?

         Contact Us

UK +44 (0)207 617 7521
USA +1 415 992 7529  (8.00-11.00 PST & 8.00- 13-00 EST)
Australia +61 39 013 7429

 How much does it cost? 
The Life Energy Solutions energy reading
Face-to-face, online, telephone or skype consultations, world-wide
£147.002 ($190 approx) including a written report after your first session of 60 to 90 minutes

£97.00 for follow-up session*

£8.50 ($13.00 approx) per 5 minutes for follow-up emails
The Living Home Consultation
A unique, world-wide, online or on-site consultation for you and your home

Email or call to discuss your needs - quotes provided
The Environmental Stress Survey Email or call to discuss your needs - quotes provided

*Please note that emergency, evening or weekend Energy Solutions
sessions are charged at 150% of the standard fee rate

Comments on
the Living Home

  "This is certainly the most profound and powerful approach to feng shui I have experienced
in 8 years of study and practice."
Janice Kyd, Italy

"I was in awe of everything you taught. I'd feel like a fraud if I continued teaching traditional feng shui . . . my feng shui business will never be the same again!"    
Johanne Tomasdottir - Iceland's leading feng shui consultant and teacher  

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C. Clarke

1  Life Energy Solutions does not substitute for any form of medical advice. If you suffer from a disease
    you should always consult with an appropriate medical or health practitioner.
2  POE for home visits


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