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"My acupuncturist asked me today what I'd been up to. He said he'd never seen so much improvement in me since I've been seeing him." BRILLIANT. Thanks to two lovely people and their magic I am getting there. So thanks thanks thanks. . . . .  . I could climb up on the roof and shout it from all the roof tops."
Margaret T, Wales

". . . I find that the quality of my sleep has improved - I used to wake at least once in the night and now I sleep right through . . ."
Elise S, London

"My little boy used to get really tired & grumpy after only a short while in front of the TV.  Since I bought him an Energy Egg he comes away from the TV happy and ready to play!"
Louise F, UK

"A strange and positive thing happened the day after I received the Guardian Angels (large Energy Eggs) and put one of them in my living room  - I suddenly noticed that I could read the small letters in the dictionary and phonebook again, as well as many of the small letters on vitamin and mineral bottles etc. My sight is not as good as it used to be, but it is definitely better than it has been for the last couple of years."
Kirsten Corfitsen, Denmark

"I'm such a different person since I"ve had my Energy Egg"                    
Clare C, London

"I re-tuned my Energy Egg while looking at my partner and the change in my stress level was incredible. It was brilliant! Now I'm going to have him do the same with me."
Caroline H

The Energy Egg™

from Energy Solutions

The revolutionary Energy Egg qi-generator is only offered for protection against environmental stresses and other foreign energies. But here are some comments from Energy Egg owners who've experienced additional changes:

  "I had an absolutely blissful night's sleep - the first in a long time. I also didn't need to get up in the middle of the night). I feel great . . . I feel really different - tons of motivation to do things I've been putting off" R.T. UK
Chronic Fatigue "I've noticed that I'm just not tired in the evenings - still busy doing things at 11.30 - unheard of pre-Energy Egg!" Moira S, Scotland
Systemic Polyarthritis "The Energy Egg is a winner! I have been much better since receiving it and have been able to ditch both the injections and the Celebrex!" Rob T, Australia
Depression "I see the Energy Egg working extraordinarily well for B. It's miraculous!. And I have no more chronic fatigue - feel like I am 20 years old, I’m now able to work again full time without any problems" GL, Iceland

Electromagnetic Stress   “The abdominal pain I get while operating printing equipment in my office, completely disappeared after I put my Energy Egg in my pocket” Thea W., France

Cystitis "I started using the Energy Egg yesterday and WOW! That morning I felt grotty (cystitis). Two hours after tuning the transmitter I felt really well. Even more important, by that evening I noticed a change in my ‘thinking’, maybe sensing would be a better word. To explain, so often I know what I need to do and when it comes to it, I don’t do it… (human nature!) This time it was so clear and so easy to do…. I almost couldn’t believe it. It’s as if I’ve been trying to do something forever and am constantly struggling, then wham…! I feel so grateful to you two again – thank you hugely, for the work you do" Karen E, N Z
Electromagnetic Stress “The abdominal pain I get while operating printing equipment in my office, completely disappeared after I put my Energy Egg in my pocket” Thea W., France
Respiratory Allergy "I have to tell you what happened to me this morning. I went Christmas shopping, the first time I've been able to do that since moving to this house 23 years ago! I went into a garden centre and suddenly I couldn't breathe, my throat was closing up, it was like someone was tightening a rope around my neck, my stomach was blowing up, it was awful. I thought, Oh God, I haven't been like this for ages. So, I put my hand in my pocket and got out my Energy Egg . . . and within just 2 minutes I felt it all passing over me and I came completely back to normal, my throat relaxed, it all just faded away. It was just incredible, absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for the Energy Egg. Margaret T, Wales

Food Allergy  "The allergic reaction vanished almost immediately. I can now eat lemons again" Stephen W

Bronchitis "The Energy Egg is so powerful - I definitely felt a jump in my energy when I received it. Since then, my bronchial condition has been so much better, I’m sleeping better and my joint pain is better. These Energy Eggs are incredible!" Louise L. CO, USA

Early Waking “Daniel sleeps, sleep, sleeps, sleeps. Yesterday I actually woke up BEFORE him...I think only the second time it has happened since he was born five years ago. Felt absolutely wonderful to not have to have my brain operating at full capacity at time of awakening.” Gitte L Iceland

Stress "I’d like to buy another Energy Egg. (My darling husband has seen the effect of the Eegg on me and wants some of what I’ve got…! (e.g., we had an early Christmas with my four step children on Sunday. It lasted all day and was just wonderful – in all ways. Most amazing was that I didn’t lose any energy, feel uncomfortable, get critical…. everything just flowed soooo easily. And the next day I was still full of beans....) I’d be totally happy to pay twice the price . . ." KV, New Zealand

Heart Condition "My doctor says I'm looking great! I have lots of energy - I feel so much lighter! Thank you so much for the Energy Egg." Maggie B, UK

Travel Sickness “When we bought our new car, I immediately started feeling very car sick. After blowing on my Energy Egg as you described, the nausea disappeared within 5 minutes!” Mark W, Lincoln

Geopathic Stress "I feel so much better in this house. I am no longer affected by the television and I don't sweat anymore - so long as I have my Energy Egg with me. It’s wonderful at night -. .no more sweats, I can now sleep in bed, not on top . . Even my pulse is back to normal - it was starting to worry me since it was often over 100 in the mornings.. ." Margaret T, Wales

Palpitations  “I’ve had no more palpitations since receiving the Energy Egg - and I used to get them whenever I sat at my computer!” Linda H, UK

Grief "The grief (about my father) seemed all-consuming. Then I remembered to re-tune my Energy Egg. The emotion fell away from me and in a second or two I became totally peaceful." Stephen W, UK

Feeling Down  “One day I arrived home with a dark cloud hanging over my head; I was in a really grumpy mood. So, I decided to try to re-tune my Energy Egg. Immediately the dark cloud left and I felt, instead, a wonderful inner peace. And it really did happen immediately - not even two seconds later!” BL. Iceland

Television Hypersensitivity "On Tuesday evening I sat and watched television for about 1 hour - the first time for weeks - no problem. It was great. On Wednesday evening, I forgot my Energy Egg. After about 10 mins, I had to go out of the room - the sweat was pouring from me. So, from now on, I'll be carrying it in my pocket. Feeling great now - no problems - a million thanks again." MT, UK

After Chemotherapy  "Thanks for letting me know about Energy Egg techniques. My mum has started doing this now, and says she feels she has more energy all of a sudden . . . She finds she can go into town and have visitors and not get tired like she did before. Whereas a trip into town used to really affect her and make her tired for the day.  Jo M., UK

Mental Clarity  "The Jade Energy Egg I received a few weeks ago is incredible, I feel better mentally and other peoples' energy doesn't have that much influence as before; thank you very much!"  Hilde K, Holland

Relationship Problems  "With regards to my husband's connection to his Energy Egg -after a couple of months now I can honestly tell you that it is like being married to the man I should have been married to 20 years ago. Life is much, much calmer and quieter; he doesn't get any where near as stressed as before and hardly seems to lose his temper. My only regret is that the children and I had to put up with his unreasonable behaviour for so many years, and what a waste of energy it all was, quite literally." VP, UK

Fluorescent Lights Hypersensitivity  "My mother was skeptical that the Energy Egg would make any difference to her. But she noticed that when she has been in shops in recent months that have overhead fluorescent lighting, she finds she cannot think straight, and then comes out, having forgotten to buy certain items.Since wearing the . . . Energy Egg, she has found a noticeable improvement when she is in shops. I am glad that she has got this benefit, as this is exactly what the egg is designed to help with.” Anne D, UK

Ankle Injury  "I tripped over a tree root and twisted my knee in an attempt to right myself and keep from falling. Later that evening my knee began to ache and I applied the obligatory ice, etc. On Sunday I was in even more pain....and by this morning I was not only in excruciating pain but I had to walk with a pronounced limp...As a last resort (& because I never thought of it earlier) I held the Energy Egg to my knee for about 15 minutes (possibly less). When I stood up, I was totally astonished---almost no pain (I'd say 85% gone) and no limp."  Saralee C, USA

"We are both feeling so well and energized... and loving our Energy Eggs!" Alan & Charm B., UK

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