Guardian Angel & Archangel
The Guardian Angels

The unique home and office environmental stress eliminators from Energize Your Life

Effortless Space Clearing - protect your home and everyone in it, from experienced stresses associated with EMR (electro-magnetic radiation), geopathic stress, other people, harmful feng shui, entities, sick buildings and many other environmental stresses that you feel but which aren't yet recognized by industry-funded science.
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Articles of Interest on electromagnetic pollution:

“On July 13th I started using a . . . Guardian Angel . . . I could write a book on its consequences: Within two weeks my diabetes was controllable with much less supplements. My long term ear pains . . . disappeared . . . My need for . . . echinacea drops each day (to stop severe throat infections for the last 2 years) ended . . . I felt rivers of healing and heat flowing throughout my body . . . My simple Reiki 1 seemed to open up and I have been able to use my own hands for healing myself.”

Veronica M,Ireland

"After allowing a few days to let any effect from the Q-link dissipate, I have set the Guardian Angel up in my bedroom. I usually average 6 -7 hours a night sleep. It does not feel like enough and am also sensitive to various foods that can cause early waking. I have slept 8 and 9 hours since! Usually this only occurs on holiday - I have spent the weekend immersed in a hefty and complex court report without stress, so I am very impressed with the effects of the GA so far. I also notice a response in me of feeling my heart open when I look at it. I am now considering an Archangel for my work place."

Dr.M S, UK

"H told me that she liked to have the GA in the bedroom ever since they lived in another place where their bedroom was very small and she didn't feel well there, but when she placed the GA in the bedroom it felt fine, so she ould really feel the difference."

Kirsten C, Denmark

"The new ovoid GA is really amazing. I gave my old GA to my sister - her kids had asthma, waking up two or three times in the night. Since she's had the GA they've slept right through the night. It feels like the house has had a spring clean!

Last week, four or five days after giving her the GA, she applied for a job for the first time in more than twelve years, after being unemployed for almost all of that time. On Sunday, she rang me to tell me she had been offered the job and would be starting this week!!! For me, this is somewhat miraculos. . . the good you do in this world is beyond words."

Karen VE, New Zealand

"The house feels fresh and calm with the Guardian Angel. My newly turned teenager, who was always angry and rebellious, has calmed down and has on occasions offered to wash the dishes!!! Surely this makes it worth having an Angel!"

Dr R.H, UK

“I lent one of my Guardian Angels to a friend who lives on a narrow boat on the canal. She and her son have been having major problems with geopathic stress for years and they were amazed how the Angel changed the energy. Could you post [another] one to me please?”

Sue T, UK

"The Archangel . . . has now been in the flat for a couple of weeks. My line of thought is much brighter and life feels definitely much easier. So I am pleased to say that it is definitely making the difference . . . I am feeling much better than in a very long time."

Tom B, Norway

"Any sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable from magic"
Arthur C. Clarke 


The Loving Relationships Egg eliminates stresses that block your heart chakra from forming or developing a heart relationship. By strengthening your partnership qi, the Loving Relationships Egg attracts higher-quality, close relationships into your life and/or cultivates the ones you already have.

How well you are able to manage the inevitable costs that arise in your life is determined by how much wealth qi flows through your energy body. The Wealth Egg cultivates the flow of wealth qi throughout your energy body, focusing on the areas where you currently most need more resources.

. . . a big big THANK YOU - this is the best Christmas I have had since 1982. The Guardian Angel is so beautiful! Since receiving it just before Christmas - and carrying out all the instructions - what a difference I felt! I haven't felt like this since Christmas 1982. I have loads of energy - a MILLION THANKS for looking after me."
Margaret T, Wales

The Hidden Dangers of Environmental Stress antenna

'Environmental stress' is a term,coined in 1982 by Stephen Kane at the UK-based Institute For Advanced Health Research, for any harmful energy that does not directly cause cell damage.

Every moment of your life, you are exposed to man-made and natural environmental stresses, including electromagnetic radiation (EMR or EMF). Your own energy field manages to ward off many of these disruptive energies, but the effort involved can leave you weakened and more susceptible to health problems due to the stresses that build up within you. 

Accumulated environmental stresses are associated with a wide range of conditions including:

Depression Anxiety
Insomnia Cancer
Arthritis Fatigue
Allergies Hyperactivity
Tingling, Itching, Nerve Pain Mood Swings

. . . and many more.

In this 'electronic age,' man-made environmental stresses simply cannot be avoided; they literally surround and flow through us in our homes, workplaces, and even in our cars, thus affecting the health and well-being of every man, woman and child.

The successful treatment of thousands of cases of chronic illness, at the Institute For Advanced Health Research's Allergy Clinic in the '80s and '90s, directly resulted from our unique understanding of how human energy is damaged by everyday sources of environmental stress that are commonly assumed to be harmless. 

The methods originally developed at the Institute For Advanced Health Research continue to be used or taught through:

Whole-Home Energy Protection

Doctors in Germany discovered, in the 1930's, that environmental stress not only causes illness but can also prevent you from responding to treatment, and so blocks full recovery from illness. In fact, the original Environmental Stress Eliminator was developed, in 1982 at the Institute For Advanced Health Research, to help patients overcome problems that had proven resistant to conventional treatments.

 Electromagnetic fields (EMF) photographed with Fluorescent light source..  photo credit: © NeverSmileEnvironmental stress includes much more than geopathic stress and EMR. It can be emitted by certain plants, materials, furniture, images, buildings, parts of the natural landscape, or even other people. A stress can also be left behind in a building after its carrier - another person - has departed.

Whenever an environmental stress enters your energy field, it starts displacing your life energy or qi. The more your energy is displaced by an environmental stress the more it will impact your health, wealth, work, relationships, creativity, awareness or any other area of your life affected by the displaced qi.

In the language of feng shui, your 'luck' is damaged through ongoing exposure to an environmental stress. Many experts believe the continuing accumulation of environmental stress to be the first stage of many common health problems.

Our energy protection products - continuously developed from the original Environmental Stress Eliminator - include the:

Rather than resorting to costly home adjustments, the Guardian Angel Area Environmental Stress Eliminator neutralises the effects of many forms of environmental stress in your home or office.

The Guardian Angel is the most advanced, whole home, space clearing instrument available. It is the only energy protection instrument that does all this:

  • Protects you and your family from other peoples' energies
  • Removes foreign energies that are already in your home or brought into your home by others
  • Eliminates experienced symptoms associated many forms of environmental stress
  • Covers an entire building - office, clinic,home, practice room, etc.
  • Does not emit any harmful energies itself (unlike electronic, coil or quartz-based devices)
  • Is never out of date - it is upgraded automatically and can easily be re-tuned to new environmental stresses

How Does the Guardian Angel Work?

The human energy field is shaped like an ovoid. This is uniquely reflected by the Guardian Angel - a qi generator in the form of a large, (over 5 inches or 7 inches tall), semi-precious, white aventurine ovoid, hand-carved by skilled craftsmen in India. Just like its spiritual namesake, the Guardian Angel is both a protector and a thing of beauty.

Once the Guardian Angel has been created, it is charged by a Light Resonator to automatically emit multiple forms of qi in response to a wide range of environmental stresses.

If you are familiar with Indian culture you will know about the shiva lingam, which is present in most Indian temples. It became so popular in India because so many people have experienced its energy when it is charged and activated effectively. In addition to its own energy-protection effect, the Guardian Angel shares some of the Shiva Lingam's energenic properties. For this reason, it is also used by students of life energy awareness as a meditation device.

The Guardian Angel's qi naturally grounds out harmful sha qi - the feng shui term for harmful environmental energies (ondes nocives  - noxious waves - is the term used in France - every energy-sensitive culture has its own terminology). The benefits of grounding out sha qi are obvious to many people who feel the effects of one or other environmental stresses.

As long as it sits on its transparent base, the Guardian Angel's protective influence extends right throughout your home or office. This effect can easily be demonstrated - and compared with the effects of other energy protection devices.

"After receiving our Guardian Angel, the house was immediately so much calmer - we could both feel it.

We could feel our heads clearing. And we have so much more energy!" Thora Á, Iceland

Our Three Unique Guarantees

Unlike so many 'energy protection' products, Guardian Angels do not:

  • 'Rob Peter to pay Paul' - i.e. steal energy from one area of your body in order to stimulate another
  • Artifically stimulate your autonomic nervous system in order to mask continuing damage from environmental stresses
  • Emit environmental stress signals themselves

This means we can offer our three unique guarantees:

  • Health Guarantee - no short-term or long-term side-effects from stressful energy-stimulation
  • Price Guarantee - we will never charge you hundreds or thousands of $ for devices that are ineffective against most environmental stresses or which have harmful side-effects
  • Security Guarantee - 6 Months Guarantee 1 - so you have enough time to discover how much better you can feel

Large Office Or Home? Highly Stressed Property?

Or are you particularly energy-sensitive? Choose our Guardian Archangel for enhanced protection from environmental stress. Guardian Angels can work with Guardian Archangels, for multi-floor energy protection.

Guardian Angels - Unusual Gift Ideas

Guardian Angels are a great gift idea for anyone moving house, celebrating a wedding anniversary, or retiring to a new home. And for a precious gift that keeps on giving, our personal Energy Eggs are a perfect birthday or Christmas present.

The Guardian Angel and Archangel

Guardian Angel & Archangel The Guardian Angel and Guardian Archangel are available from Energize Your Life or through licensed distributors.


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Guardian Angel (135mm approx) on clear base - up to 2 bedrooms (approx)                                   £247.00 plus p&p

Guardian Archangel (185mm approx) on clear base - up to 5 bedrooms (approx)1                                    £497.00 plus p&p

Please note - environmental stresses vary widely from one property to the next, according to the location, building materials, design, type and force of stress, etc.. Consequently, if you need help determining which Energy Angel(s) you need, order a low-cost, personal Decisions Decisions.

The Guardian Angel and Guardian Archangel come with a full 6-Month Guarantee(2)

(1) Image not representative - Energy Angels are now supplied with the more powerful clear base 

(2) See the Energize Your Life online store for details

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"My Energy Eggs and Archangel have helped me immeasurably with foreign energy, which has so ruined my health and well-being for the past 30 years. I feel a huge sense of gratitude to Stephen & Lynda."

Carl M., UK

"My Guardian Angel is fabulous. At first It didn't cover all of my rooms, not reaching through to the kitchen, but after a week I tested the range again and found that it did . . . . the flat feels much lighter to be in and I have been seeing clients without any problems dealing with their energy."

Stephen C, UK

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